Search Engine Results – Is your business listing on top of page one?

search engine results

Your search engine results ain’t what they used to be. A lot of work goes into getting your website search engine listings to anywhere on page one. Search Engine Results Your visitors attention span is around 6-7 seconds. Your visitors have a goal in mind. Are your search results listing filling that need? I recently … Read more

Why 80% of Search Engine Marketing will not work for your business?

WAIT! Before you lose your ever lovin minds about the title, allow me to explain. For the small business community, all of the daily blast of whats new in search engine marketing is just not practical for business and usually leads to disappointment. Granted, there is so much good info out there for you to … Read more

Boosting Sales Using Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews and testimonials are more important to your business than you think. Let me tell you why. Many moons ago, I was a car / truck sales rep. I was pretty good at it too. And one of my responsibilities before the sale was to get information about how the customer found the dealership, … Read more

Achieve Marketing Success Following 3 Simple Steps

Marketing Success for the new year! The secret of marketing success is not that hard. Going back to the basics is probably the most effective method of reaching your goals.  1. Review Your Website When you look at your website, what do YOU see? I know, sheer perfection! But what do your visitors see? Ask … Read more

Marketing to the right kind of customer for your business?

Who is my customer?

Am I effectively marketing to my customers needs?

Take a moment to think about it.

Take a deep breath. Get a drink of water. Now, what was your result?  Don’t feel bad. You are not the only one who has marketing issues.

There was a time when I could not tell you who my customer base was. It’s a much different story now.

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