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Boosting Sales Using Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials are more important to your business than you think.
Let me tell you why.

Many moons ago, I was a car / truck sales rep. I was pretty good at it too. And one of my responsibilities before the sale was to get information about how the customer found the dealership, and after the sale asking the customer for referrals and a nice short letter describing their experience at the dealership.

It gave the dealership basic metrics that allowed the marketing department to budget where their marketing dollars were more effective. Back then the marketing budget went to:

  1. Local Newspaper
  2. Television Ads
  3. Radio Advertising

Lets move to the now.

Dealerships have adapted to the times with technology but other businesses have fallen short or no longer think its necessary to get customer reviews and testimonials.

Customer reviews and testimonials

The impact on customer reviews and testimonials

With the advances in mobile search and most e-commerce websites the more successful ones use this to their advantage. The most successful one that comes to mind is

When you are looking for an item or need a service. During your search, which business are you most likely to do business with?
If you’re like me, your probably going to go with the business that has good and reliable customer reviews and testimonials. I want to know:

  • How your customers rated your business (Good or Bad) – Reviews
  • How satisfied your customers are with the product or service. – Testimonials

Start a simple tracking program

  • When someone phones you ask: How did you hear about us?
  • If by email, ask: How did you hear about us?
  • If they have become a customer, ask them to give you a review of your service or product. Maybe give a discount for the next time they need you.

Your customers want to spread the word to others about their experience. And they are seeking personal interaction with you and your business.

Plus, you will have a better idea of where your marketing dollars should go.

I would love to know if your business does this and the impact it has had towards the customer experience.

Author: D. Freeman

A humble and happy freelance search engine marketer who helps guide other business owners maximize their online marketing goals.

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