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If you have a business website/blog there is a 100% chance that your website is indexed in the search results.
There are a couple of solutions that can help you get better search results.

Creating Better Search Results

You create the opportunity for your website to generate traffic. Take that same traffic to generate sales and leads. Your foundation is based with these 3 easy solutions.

  • Keyword Research (The who and why of your business)
  • Links with Keywords (Engaging the searcher to visit your site)
  • Creating Keyword Content (Giving the site visitor good info to do business with you)

Search Results - DIY Search Engine Marketing

How do I get Better Search Results?

Keyword Research

This is where the magic happens. In the world of mobile marketing, this is extremely important. Without getting all techie, there are many good tutorials on keyword research. One of my all time favorites come from Keyword Research – Keyword Research Done The Right Way By Websites That Sell
This video will give you a general overview on how to perform keyword research for your website. Without keyword research you will not see much progress.

Links with Keywords / Creating Keyword Content

Most websites use WordPress or something similar. This plug-in will save you much time in creating proper seo page links and content for your site. Yoast SEO Plugin. There are plenty of search engine optimization plug-ins for you to use. I like the ease of creating seo content and links for my pages. The search engines love keyword based links and content but that is not all it takes to keep them happy.

Take one page from your site and rework it. Then resubmit that page to your favorite search engine. You should see a much better search result.

I am not informing you of these solutions for any paid endorsements. I just want you to know that there are many tools and tutorials that are out there to help you. You must select the ones that you feel comfortable with. And it will help you better understand what is going on with your sites progress.

I welcome and enjoy any questions and comments that you may have.

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