Why 80% of Search Engine Marketing will not work for your business?

WAIT! Before you lose your ever lovin minds about the title, allow me to explain.
For the small business community, all of the daily blast of whats new in search engine marketing is just not practical for business and usually leads to disappointment.
Granted, there is so much good info out there for you to use, it very rarely works.

However, search engine marketing is essential to the growth of a small business.

I like to compare search engine marketing to the stock market. You get your tips and hints from trusted and reliable sources that say you will make some return on investment by doing whats recommended. So you apply those techniques to your situation and what happens?

Some of the reasons that it does not provide the results you seek is not your fault.

  • Most of those techniques come from marketers who have worked for mid sized to large companies. They have a much bigger marketing budget to work with and can take more risk.
  • It usually leads to disappointment for both business and marketer for not getting the desired results. Most likely due to not being told of the possible risk or outcome.
  • You were told that marketing method will work for any kind of business.

Search engine marketing like your stock portfolio takes time and some risk level in order for your business to grow. Unless you have some viral YouTube video of a baby, cat or puppy that is sending customers to you website or your location then you should stop right here and I will see you in 6 months after the thrill is gone.

Most businesses have 1 to 2 local locations and the most common mistake made is that they are marketing way outside their customers reach. This does not apply to the majority of e-commerce website because they are on another path to acquire their customers base.

If your business is located in or near a major city my recommendation is to concentrate on that area. When you offer a better product and service than your competition you can spend your marketing dollars more efficiently. The key is to keep it simple and adjust when needed.

Lets face it Google is the big dog on the block for the foreseeable future.

And for years the big dog has been advising you on how to get those results.
So, which tips are going to be helpful to your business and help it grow.
Ask yourself the Who, What and Why of marketing my business.

  1. Who is my customer?
  2. What is the best way to reach my customer?
  3. Why should my customer do business with me?

We have found that most businesses don’t have a business or marketing plan.
Call it ego or “We don’t need no stinkin business or marketing plan” syndrome. The successful small business has one.
Search engine marketing advice that you see on a daily basis, at least 95% of it comes from marketers who have done work for those businesses that have a business and marketing plan.

If you want to know where you can get free top notch help from experienced executives just drop me a line in the comments section below.

So, before you spend another dime on another marketing program or app lets do a little homework first.

Our top 4 search engine marketing tools are:

This is where the magic begins. By submitting your website and you will soon see some info about how your website was found. ie. keywords, mobile, location etc..

Here you will find detailed info about who, what and why visitors are reaching your website.

This tool offers valuable insights on search trends for your marketing area.

A valuable tool in helping you create engaging content for your visitors and hopefully customers.

Now do you know how people are finding your website? If not, how are you going to know how to better serve their needs?
There has never been another time in marketing history where small business can compete with the major players when the marketing is done efficiently.

Author: D. Freeman

A humble and happy freelance search engine marketer who helps guide other business owners maximize their online marketing goals.

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