Who is my customer?

Marketing to the right kind of customer for your business?

Am I effectively marketing to my customers needs?

Take a moment to think about it.

Take a deep breath. Get a drink of water. Now, what was your result?  Don’t feel bad. You are not the only one who has marketing issues.

There was a time when I could not tell you who my customer base was. It’s a much different story now.

In the beginning, I was marketing my services to everyone who had a business. Then I found out 2 very important facts. They are:

  1. Businesses who had a want for my marketing services.
  2. Businesses who had a need for my marketing services.

I had to give a compelling need to customers marketing problems and presented my solution to them. This conclusion has saved me a lot of time and effort offering my services to those who were just window shopping.

If you are trying to market your business to everyone STOP! Everyone in your area was not meant to be your customer. And once you realize this point the easier your life will become.

80% of users who do a search have a need

Food : Type of Food / Price / Location

Entertainment : Movie / Concert / Local Event

Auto : New / Used / Rental / Repairs

Is your marketing fulfilling that need?

Example when I do a search for “military discount for auto repairs” you would be hard pressed to find a business in my area who offers such a discount.

In my local area there is only 1 auto repair business that offers this type of discount. This does not include the national chains that run in the area.

That one business is marketing effectively to its target market by fulfilling a need. And being that this area has a large military and retired military community, it is offering a solution for that searchers need.

90% of this areas businesses are leaving tons of money on the table. Don’t be that business person.

Need some help?

mobile marketing

Here are a couple of links that should get you started in getting a better understanding of your marketing.

For more detailed info and need some extra help I highly recommend that you visit your local Small Business Development Center – SBDC National Listings

So, what solution is your business providing based on a customers needs?

I hope this has given you a new view on your marketing. And I hope it gives you much success in your business.

Author: D. Freeman

A humble and happy freelance search engine marketer who helps guide other business owners maximize their online marketing goals.

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