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Search Engine Results – Is your business listing on top of page one?

Your search engine results ain’t what they used to be. A lot of work goes into getting your website search engine listings to anywhere on page one.

search listingSearch Engine Results

Your visitors attention span is around 6-7 seconds.
Your visitors have a goal in mind. Are your search results listing filling that need?

I recently came across a very interesting article about The Value of Google Result Positioning from Chitika and that data has not changed that much.

Question? Do you think that being at the top of search results pages really that important?

Lets be real here. How many times have you actually opened up multiple tabs on your browser to view the first 3 – 5 top search listings only to find what you are really looking for was located in the middle to almost bottom of the search results page.

I prefer to see a search engine listing that has

  • 2+ listings on page 1
  • Search listing starting in the middle of the page
  • An engaging and informative headline
  • A Call to action to click the link

Here are 4 tips that we find useful when doing search engine listing research and content creation.

  • Who is your competition?
  • What is their service area?
  • What do you offer that they don’t?
  • Is the content the visitor gets informative?

I have come to the conclusion, no matter how visually amazing the website looks, it is the content or information that outweighs the visitors user experience and prevents them from going to your competition.

The days of the hypnotic spell websites that used to use to get customers are over. Your visitors are smarter than you think. They want information, content and facts about what you do and why they should do business with you.

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Author: D. Freeman

A humble and happy freelance search engine marketer who helps guide other business owners maximize their online marketing goals.

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